Rawah Ranch

Glendevey, Colorado

Altitude: 8,400 ft
Capacity: 30
Open: July-Oct
Acres: 100,000
Min. Stay: 3 nights
Rates: $$$-$$$$

The Rawah Wilderness that surrounds this ranch translates to “wild place,” while the world “Rawah” itself is an Indian word for “abundance.” At this ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado, they have made just that opportunities and experiences are abundant here and has been features in the book “100 Best All-Inclusive Resorts of the World.” Guided fly fishing, guided whitewater rafting, massage therapy, and laundry are not included in vacation packing pricing, but are available. Class III white water rapids can be found here, and Fort Collins Ol’ Town is nearby with an active nightlife and shopping center. Fort Collins is also the second largest micro-brewing city in the U.S. and many guests take advantage of the beer tastings and breweries that can be found here. This ranch is a luxurious one, and the staff has gone to lengths to ensure that you have a comfortable vacation AND western experience.

Contact & Location

Ron & Lucia Hatfield
11447 North County Road 103
Glendevey, Colorado 82063
800-820-3152 phone

Rawah Ranch Entrance
Rawah Ranch Cabin
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