CM Ranch

Dubois, Wyoming

Altitude: 7,000 ft
Capacity: 50
Open: June-Sept
Acres: 13,000
Min. Stay: 7 nights
Rates: $$-$$$$

CM is nestled in between Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone National park (in Dubois, Wyoming), setting this ranch up for opportunity based on location alone. All-inclusive packages are fit for an entire family – including a wide range of activities for children (which include luxuries not typically found in ranch life). CM Ranch hails on its informality and friendliness, designed for those who want to be a part of ranch life without an obligation to do so. While staying at the ranch, pack trips are available, for an added fee, for guests to take advantage of the landscape of Wyoming. These trips are designed for night riding and fishing. An experienced cowboy and cook will tag along on each trip to ensure safety and hunger satisfaction.

Contact & Location

Mollie & Hunter Sullivan
PO Box 217
Dubois, Wyoming 82513
800-455-0721 phone
307-455-3984 fax

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