Working Dude Ranches

If you’re looking for an authentic western experience, moving cattle across miles and miles of terrain, then a working dude ranch is in order! Here are a quick sampling of several Working Dude Ranches across the USA & Canada:

Ranch NameCity, STDaily Rates (approx)Months of Operation
Rafter Star RanchSheridan, WY$400-$600/NJune & Sept
Rowse's 1+1 RanchBurwell, NE$200-$250/NMay-Nov
The Hideout Guest RanchShell, WY$450-$500/NYear Round
Colorado Cattle CompanyNew Raymer, CO$350-$400/NMay-Oct
Cold Creek RanchClifton, AZ$100-$200/NOct-Apr
Moore RanchBucklin, KS$175-$440/NYear Round
Double Rafter Cattle DrivesRanchester, WY$390-$425/NJune-Sept
Zapata RanchMosca, CO$300-$400/NYear Round
Bonanza Creek Country RanchMartinsdale, MT$300-$350/NMay-Oct
McGinnis Meadows RanchLibby, MT$300-$350/NMar-Oct
Bitterroot RanchDubois, WY$300-$370/NMay-Sept