Tumbling River Ranch

Grant, Colorado

Altitude: 9,200 ft
Capacity: 50
Open: June-Sept
Acres: 100+*
Min. Stay: 2-6 nights
Rates: $$-$$$$

Sometimes the best answer is silence itself. From the offset they will admit that their occupancy level is less, allowing them to cater to the needs of their visitors more. Sunday nights allow for a general ranch orientation, outlining all activities that will be offered throughout the week, including times and locations of each. All ages are welcome and entertained here–from babies to grandparents. This ranch is situated in the hills of the Colorado Rockies, along twelve miles of Geneva Creek (The Tumbling River). A running list of activities has been adapted to meet the interests of all ages, including fishing, hiking, trap shooting, music & evening entertainment, hayrides, and rafting. Many have used the facilities here as a backdrop for the perfect mountain available, and the staff here is happy to assist in planning and organizing. Whatever guests may come for, they are certain to leave with.

* Millions of additional acres available within the surrounding Pike National Forest.

Contact & Location

Megan Dugan | Scott Dugan
P. O. Box 30
Grant, Colorado 80448
1-800-654-8770 303-838-5981 phone
303-838-5133 fax

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