McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch

Libby, Montana

Altitude: 3,300 ft
Capacity: 20
Open: April-Oct
Acres: 75,000
Min. Stay: 6 nights
Rates: $$-$$$$

This cattle ranch in the northwest corner of Montana was built for work or play. Guests can spend their days helping staff carry out their duties, or roam the land on horseback at their own leisurely pace. A typical week at the ranch begins with check in on Sunday, saddling up on Monday and adjusting to the saddle, followed by the start of penning and cattle driving on Tuesday, a leisurely day on Thursday to enjoy the surrounding area, and fine-tuning horsemanship skills the rest of the week discovering new trails through the mountains. The horsemanship courses offered here are one of a kind, employing the same style of technique used in “The Horse Whisper” and rely on the strong bond between a horse and its rider.

Contact & Location

Dori Bock
6220 McGinnis Meadows Road
Libby, Montana 59923
406-293-5000 phone
406-293-5005 fax

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