Elkhorn Ranch ~ Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

Altitude: 3,700 ft
Capacity: 32
Open: Nov-April
Acres: 10,000
Min. Stay: 4 nights
Rates: $$-$$$

Although they’re listed as residents of Tucson, the Elkhorn Ranch actually resides around 50 miles southwest of the city. Situated comfortably within the Sabino Canyon and surrounded by the Baboquivari (Bab – oh – KEE – var – ee) Mountain Range, Elkhorn’s surroundings vary from open desert to mountain ranges. Operated since 1945 by the Miller family, horseback riding is a main attraction, followed by hiking and birdwatching. Children are also welcomed at the ranch, but must be at least 6 years old to ride horseback.

Contact & Location

The Miller Family
27000 W Elkhorn Ranch Road
Tucson, Arizona 85736
(520) 822-1040 phone

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