Double Rafter Cattle Drives

Ranchester, Wyoming

Altitude: 9,000 ft
Capacity: 20
Open: June-Sept
Acres: 60,000
Min. Stay: 5 nights
Rates: $$$-$$$$

This is your opportunity to be part of an authentic 1880’s style cattle drive. Double Rafter is a family owned cattle ranch which performs several cattle drives during the June-September season. Guests spend at least 6 hours a day in the saddle as they assist in moving herds from pasture to pasture. To quote Double Rafter, “We’re not interested in having you come and watch us be Cowboys…we will teach *you* to be a Cowboy.”

Contact & Location

Dana Kerns
Box 490
Ranchester, Wyoming 82839
1-800-704-9268 phone

Double Rafter Cattle Drives
Cattle Drive


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