Callidora Ranch

Madison, GA

Altitude: 600 ft
Capacity: 20+
Open: Year Round
Acres: 300
Min. Stay: 1 night
Rates: $$-$$$

⚠️ Not taking reservations at this time ~ 2024 ⚠️

Experience the legendary hospitality and enchanting beauty of the Southeast’s premier luxury dude ranch in Georgia! Perfect for the whole family, Callidora Ranch offers adventures in horseback riding, western ranch experiences, and a warm, welcoming, five star service amidst the romance of a southern ranch retreat.

Contact & Location

Raul & Genel
3990 Buckhead Rd
Madison, GA 30650
678-392-3935 phone

Not taking reservations 2024
Callidora Ranch - GA
Callidora Ranch - GA

State / Province

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