Roseland Ranch Update – CLOSED in 2008

For those attempting to locate the Roseland Ranch, we’ve got bad news – the ranch closed back in 2008.

From information we’ve gathered, the family of Chickie Fichera sold the ranch around 2006 to a group of new owners, and they operated the ranch until 2008 (with reported poor results). At that time, the ranch was apparently shut down and placed up for sale.

It’s currently listed for sale through Millbrook Real Estate with a price tag of $1.5 Million. A screenshot of its sale page is below:

A direct link to its For Sale page is here. [UPDATE 2015 – link removed – no longer works]

Our fingers are crossed that new owners can be found to breathe new life into this wonderful ranch.

For those interested in sharing any pictures and/or stories about Roseland Ranch, we’d love to feature them here. Simply drop me an email and I can help coordinate.

The site Pine Plains Views also provides some great recent photos of property in its current state.. (thanks to those photos, I was able to locate the agency listing the property, so thanks Stan!)

And for those interested in researching other dude ranches, drop by our New York Dude Ranches page to discover other ranches in the nearby vicinity.

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