Vermejo Park Ranch


altitideAltitude: 7,500 ft
capacityCapacity: 50 Guests
openOpen: April-Dec
acresAcres: 588,000
minstayMin Stay: 2 Nights
payRates: $500-$1,000/N
Ted Turner owns a little bit of everything, including Vermejo Park Ranch. Turner purchased the land in 1996 as the largest of his land holdings and the history of this ranch is as rich as the experience. Vermejo has been inherited by many Hollywood elites and political figures, providing each trek across this land a story in and of itself. A primary goal of the ranch is ecological restoration. While hunting and fishing are offered here, the staff is also concerned with replinishing the land with the natural resources and animals that were once found here. Elk, mule dear, bison and moutain lion are some of the many wild game that can be hunted here. Every year Vermejo draws business leaders across the country here for corporate retreats. Whether arranging a family vacation or annual meeting, Vermejo has all the essentials and then some to accomodate each guest with every need.



P.O. Drawer E, Raton, NM

Featured Activities:

  • Trout Fishing
  • Bison Hunting
  • Elk Hunting
  • Mountain Lion Hunting
  • Nature Hikes
  • Turkey Hunting

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  • Wide Variety of Hunting

Worth Noting:

  • Currently Owned by Ted Turner


Vermejo Park Ranch

Nearby Airport:

  • Santa Fe, NM