Howdy, We’re

Nice to meet you : )

We’ve been in a deep darn cavern over the past 5 months designing, developing, writing, coding, … and today – 3/1/2010 – we launch.

First, our sincere thanks go out to all the dude ranch operators who sacrificed their time to provide direct feedback on how they’d like designed. The input was invaluable, and for that we say a big thank you.

Second, a warm round of applause to Rachel Smith, who bravely (and graciously) provided her amazing copywrighting skills to the site. Without her, I’d be cross-eyed and foaming from the mouth right now (in a good way).

And thirdly, thanks to wife, family, and friends, who’ve been patient with me as I continued to wax poetic about this project. Mucho appreciation for not raining on my parade : )

Now – it’s game on.

And we couldn’t be more excited.

thanks for visiting …more to come.

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